February 19th, 2021

What do you like to see on a collection site? + Sales Plug

Hi friends! Recently I've been having a bit of free time to work on hobby-related things including my collection site. I've not updated the thing in months, but started to do so just yesterday. I still have a few more things to update and add such as photos and a description of a new item. I also feel that I am severely lacking in color on the website . . . I don't exactly know how to make my own backgrounds, banners or anything like that, so since the day of creation my website background has remained a white nothingness, but I hope to change that eventually once the more important things are done. Does anyone know where I might be able to commission things like this for when I'm ready to have them in the future? Anyway, while I am working on this, I would like to know what do -you- like to see on a collection site? Perhaps any of the answers commented here will give me an idea on what I should include in my website revamp. I was thinking about adding a FAQ page but I'm not sure if this is necessary or common on collection sites.

I personally like to see collection sites with clear photos of each item with not so distracting backgrounds. By not distracting, I do not mean solely solid color backgrounds because even some solid colors can be distracting, but moreso that the background in the photo isn't blinding or taking away focus from the item. I've found that some patterned backgrounds can look just as appealing as solid color backgrounds! I think it just really depends on the main color(s) of the item and pairing it with a suitable background. I also like to see collection sites that contain facts (type of material, size, country of origin, etc.) about each item as well as the owner's personal opinions/review on the item. This is honestly a very important thing to me when searching for items that I am interested in purchasing for my own collection, so I greatly appreciate it whenever I come across websites that include information like this. Lastly, I find it interesting when the owner of a collection site discusses a bit about themselves and their history with Pokemon or why/how they started collecting a certain Pokemon or Trainer.

In other news, I made small updates to my sales page and the promotion is ongoing. Come check out Pokemon Plush & More! Sales when you can ^^

Thanks for reading!

First gets of 2021!

Hello community ^^

There are tons of cool stuff coming this year and I have already gotten some in! These gets are from the last several weeks!

[On to the gets!]

First up is Battle Frontier Grovyle figure with a marble. That figure looks so good!

I literally waited for 8 months for these mefa Sceptile resin figures! I preordered them last spring on my birthday so these are my last year's birthday presents :D To be honest, I am a bit disappointed because I expected the to be a little higher quality. Especially the smaller one isn't actually the highest quality. But I still DO like them!

Finally, the most anticipated gets! Two baby Sceptiles hatched the other day! Yes, I finally got my first two Sceptile fits <3 I really, REALLY love them!

So cute!

Now that's what you call a happy family! There are still 2 Treeckos, 2 Grovyles and 2 more Sceptiles yet to come (I accidentally ended up getting 4 Sceptiles...). My home is slowly becoming a green lizard den XD Here are some updated numbers: I now have 83 Sceptile line plushies and 150 Sceptile line figures!

Finally, guess who is celebrating his first anniversary? I unboxed my custom life size Sceptile exactly a year ago! I love that thing to death ;__;
That's it for now! Have a good weekend and be safe ^_^

Looking for JP middleman!

As some of you many know, Uniqlo in Japan is making custom T-shirts for Pokemon's 25th anniversary!


However, they don't ship to the US, and won't take US debit/credit cards. I've tried to ask FromJapan if they can order it for me but I've yet to recieve a reply. Is there anyone in Japan that would be willing to make and order a design similar to this? Or if you know a proxy that will do custom requests like this, please let me know!