February 27th, 2021

Shiny Snivy Pokelover Pokelover586

Introduction + Collection!

Hello! I am still relatively new to the community, so I wanted to create an introduction post and show my collection (which will hopefully grow even more!). I have been a huge fan of Pokemon since around 2007, with my first game being Pokemon Pearl. The franchise has given me much joy over the years, and since then, I have amassed a large collection of Pokemon plushes, figures, trading cards, and of course, video games. I'm honestly amazed I never came across this community before now! 

Snivy is definitely my all-time favorite Pokemon. I fell in love with the little green snake the moment I saw it announced for Pokemon Black and White, my favorite games. I also love shiny hunting, especially in generations 3-5. Outside my life as a Poké-lover, I am a student at the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy studying for my PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy). Anyhoo, here is my collection!

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Thanks for looking, and I look forward to seeing more collections!