March 2nd, 2021

Cyndaquil, sprites

Looking for japanese secret base cyndaquil pokedoll! + (small collection update)

Hello! Long time no see, fellow collectors!

I took a break from collecting for a couple of years due to college and I'm tamer about it nowadays, but I'm after a particular item right now, and I figured here's the perfect place to ask!

I am after the japanese cyndaquill secret base pokedoll. It is my understanding that the US version is smaller, hence me looking for the japanese one specifically.

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If you have one for sale or know someone who does, I'd love a quote! It would be shipped to mexico, preferably with tracking (which I'm more than willing to pay the difference for).

I am not quite sure what this particular pokedoll goes for nowadays, so I'll probably browse for a bit before making a final decision. Thank you!

As a little extra, here's a small update on my collection!

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Sales Post

I hope I am doing this right because it has been a while :)

I have some items listed here in my post

Majorly, I want to put a Pokemon Tomy Tyranitar Heartland Giant 2001 Plush with Tag (with neck string) for sale:

Additional pictures in my post. I also have some other items in my post as well as on eBay if you are interest.

You are welcome to PM me!

I am actually moving and looking to let go all my Pokemon items. There are a few more items here and there that I am also willing to throw in including some custom plush (Jigglypuff and Togetic - more pictures to be added). Therefore, I am willing to go a bit generous on the price especially with the larger lots, but please also respect my prices as there are still shipping costs, etc.

Thank you to all!