March 3rd, 2021


Some new gets and some quick sales!

Like many other people, I also was super happy about the announcement of Hoenn Fit Plush and Galar metal Charms.
My wallet was probably not as happy as I was, but shhhh...

One month or so after ordering thanks to super slow mail (despite me using EMS!), everything is finally here. Let's see what I got!

Here's a big messy group shot! I got the Twilight Wings DVD as a bonus freebie which made me super happy as I loved that mini series.

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This was all for my new gets. I have some quick small sales of charms and figures.
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As a last thing, there's a few people who bought from me in the past months who haven't let me know if the items ever reached them (though for those with tracked mail, I see everything looks to have been delivered).

I'd like if you could please let me know, and also leave feedback for me - I'll do the same for you if you have a feedback thread, of course :)