March 5th, 2021

The color of the day

Hello community ^^

Well, I received the rest of my fit plushies the other day! Without a further babbling, let's get to it!

[The babies <3]

Two of each evolution stages! They are so perfect. Seriously, the fit plushies are one of the best things that happened for a while.

Swampert also got his first child <3 I just had to get one Swampert as well becuase it's just so cute!

Also got this nice walky mascot themed wallet.

There are now 10 babies in the family!

I just can't get over these guys! They are so cute ;___; And I just had to put a bow on one Sceptile. It looks so good <3

Finally, Iwas asked to take a photo of all my Treecko line plushies. Here you go, all 88 plushies! My big ol' Sceptile couldn't fit in the photo :D

I guess that's about it this time! See you next time. And happy collecting ^^