March 11th, 2021

A video I made about Pokemon figures

I've been a longtime lurker and decided to join. Planning to make more videos on Pokemon figures and collectibles. I also have a ton of figures for trade and sale. Will post those after I read the guidelines and get permission.

I hope you enjoy this video even when most of you already kind of know everything that's in it. Hopefully this will help more fans of Pokemon get into collecting figures. Thanks!

Pay per shop proxy? + Birds!

First off, just a quick question: I know there exist proxies that charge fees per shop rather than per item, but I can't find any of them now. Can anyone suggest any?

Got some birds to show too as usual!

Some lovely corvi line keychains (thanks FreckledUnicorn for the pickup)! The third one is a spinning keychain, so the wings "flap" side to side.

I got a very lovely parcel today, too! Look at this note!

And inside... a very odd find! On ebay I found an empty Kraks booster box featuring Chatot. From my research these are officially licensed. It would also seem this Chatot art is completely unique to this product, which is part of what drew me to it so much.

The seller also had a sealed booster pack of Kraks featuring the Chatot art, so I grabbed that too. (:

And as they said, they sent some bonuses! An empty buizel wrapper (also appears to be unique artwork) and a French Chatot card! Overall I'm really happy with this bizarre buy.