March 15th, 2021


Hello, hello!

My name is Henry/Superhglg and it's been about 2 years since I've last been here due to IRL stuffs. My collection of Flareon (plus some other/all other eevee evolutions in the mix) has subtly been growing, I'd be happy to show it off more in the future once I rearrange everything! Hopefully into a new case, it's very hard to show everything off nicely the way I have it now lol

also if there's a discord I can join, I'd be interested : o !!

The G.E.M. figure is my pride and joy, I was so happy to be able to find it later after I missed the original sale ;o;

looking for wants!

On the hunt for these figures again! I'm looking for: 

-Pyukumuku/Slowpoke Shining Sea Rement

-Shodo Metagross + bonus action piece

This is also probably way too early but if anyone does splits for Scale World figures in the future, I'm interested in Metagross!