March 26th, 2021

Gets & Sales

Greetings everyone! It's nearing the end of March, so I figured I'd post a small update~

My last post was regarding collection site ideas and I am close to finishing up the last bits on mine... or well, I was. But now I have just slightly more to work on with some new Fairy friends I received :P

My birthday was on March 7, and like last year (leaking roof if anyone remembers that post), I've had bad luck nearing the time of my birthday and once again didn't really get a chance to fully celebrate it. This year it was due to very severe repairs needed to be done on a leaking pipe from my bathroom that was causing a wall downstairs to become moist and eventually broke. That's just the short story of it though, this problem has been ongoing since January with many complications but the repairs were scheduled on my birthday week and for the safety of me and my family we could not live at home during the repairs. Thankfully though this company did a great job so far, but there's still plenty more that needs to be done such as putting back up parts of my ceiling and the wall. It's been a very stressful month, but these little ones successfully brightened my day upon arrival yesterday!

A good friend of mine sent me the Azumarill and Granbull as my birthday gift, and I bought myself Gardevoir. This is 3/6 of my main monotype Fairy team that I made back in the XY era.

I love that I finally have my own Fit plush <3 I never thought I'd actually have any of my own. I did joke around and tell friends of mine that maybe if I could I'd collect every Fairy-type of these plush since that's my favorite type, but even then it's still a pretty penny to pay. I really admire the few people who've collected every Fit plush from every generation that was released so far. How do they have so much room to store these??? LOL! When I purchased a Sitting Cuties Dragonite plush for my friend's birthday in 2019, I got to see the really nice details of it up close and in my hands. Such lovely plush they are~ so not long ago I decided that I'd like to have a plush for each Pokemon in my original Fairy team. Assuming the Fit/Sitting Cuties series continues for all gens, I'll be getting Togekiss, Klefki, and Sylveon to complete my team as a plush set ^^ I really hope they do continue this series!!

Anyway, I hope my three good Fairies brightened your day as well :D I still have plenty of items in my sales that I'd like to find good homes for. Please check out my shop when you can ^^ Click!!

Thanks for reading!