April 3rd, 2021

Sales Post — April 2021

Hello again! I've come with more sales — this time collection weeding!

I have my normal items up for grabs with some price reductions, and Pumpkaboo, Dedenne, and Plusle/Minun lots up for grabs! Take a look!

Sales Policies under the cut:

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General Sales:

Weeding Lots:

Thanks again guys, and I hope those of you that celebrate have a Happy Easter Weekend — if you don't, well a happy weekend to you too!

  • drampa

Darumaka bell charm?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew anything about these wonderful little darumaka bell charms!

There seems to be 3 different versions, sold as new years promotion items as far as I know, all of which are in its sleeping pose. If anyone happens to have seen one on a sales post anywhere, or is willing to sell theirs, let me know! I'd love to buy one if the price isn't too high, since I've been looking for over a year. 

Introduction post

Hello! I'm Len/fireypony and I've been a long-time lurker here on pkmncollectors, and I officially joined back in late 2019 but never posted anything, so here we are. I love seeing people's collections and I was absolutely obsessed with the sunyshore website as a kid so I'm very excited to be here!

My collection is pretty small right now, but I mainly collect the Ponyta line as Rapidash is my favourite Pokémon. I also pick up merch for the Vulpix, Fennekin and Eevee lines (moreso Vulpix than the others, just by chance of what pokemon merch I've run across in the wild) and have a fair amount of random Pokémon merch I've acquired over the years.