April 6th, 2021


Selling old collections in lots

Hi all, hope you are all well! I have decided to sell the majority of my collections apart from poliwhirls and clear files D':
First up are the plush lots. Lone plushes, zukans and other items will come later.

Sales rules are here.

Prices are OBO. If you are looking to buy only individual items, feel free to offer but please I strongly prefer to sell in lots so lots will have higher priority.

I ship from Hong Kong and will ship internationally, please expect shipping from $10 - $80 from smaller to larger lots depending on where you live. Payment plans are okay. Let me know your country and I can give you a quote. I have taken photo of every individual items, please click original for 4000 x 3000px photos, but if you need extra photos on certain items, please let me know.

Turtwig plush and pokedoll items lot - $600 OBO
Includes DX, christmas, amigurumi, oversized, mini, regular pokedolls and some pokedoll items and other plushes (14 plushes (one is a custom) + 3 pokedoll items of varying condition)
Check Album for individual photos

Canvas lot - $150 OBO
18 canvas plushes of varying condition
Check Album for individual photos

Caterpie mini lot - $70 OBO
custom by d215lab and other artist, official taffeta TTO caterpie -
Check Album for individual photos

Sewaddle / Swadloon lot - $100 OBO
2 sewaddle mpc plush (original and encore), swadloon mpc, sewaddle customs by d215lab and other artists, swadloon customs by herar and other artist
Check Album for individual photos

Walky lot - $100
Plushes are in good condition, tags have varying conditions, charms show yellowing (normal for walky plushes)
Check Album for individual photos

Stay safe everyone!