April 7th, 2021

Looking for DS Studios Turtwig and Oshawott Banpresto Waza Musuem Figures

Hi Guys,

TLDR; Looking for DS Studios Turtwig and Oshawott Banpresto Waza Musuem Figures

  1. I've been trying to follow the unofficial starter series figures from DS studios and hoping to complete the set across all generations. Unfortunately, it seems they do not have plans for the XY and B&W starters. But thankfully, the banpresto waza musuem series is able to make up for the B&W starters in my collection :).

  2. Anyway, I've quite successful thus far in sourcing them online from TaoBao (China) but I recently hit a dead end for Turtwig as pictured below. I can't even find a picture on google and the only source I have is from the box of my Chimchar purchase on their next release.

  3. The second item I'm also missing is the Oshawott Banpresto Waza Musuem Figure.

Anyone having information, willing to sell or have a lead on sales will be much appreciated! Hopefully one day I can display all of them in full glory and share them overe here when I shift into my new house :)

Pictures below for reference. Thank you very much if you read through all of it.

Plush Wants and Question

Hi everyone! I am looking to buy the following plush from a seller in the US
Collapse )
Also I am curious about the life size Espeon and Jolteon plush released in Japan. How much do they weigh and is anyone considering selling?

Thanks for reading! Nya!
***if any of these pictures are yours and you want me to take them down please let me know!