April 21st, 2021

Large US Pokemon Center Wooloo Plush Sale

Hello all! I have a Wooloo pokemon center plush for sale. The large squishy one. It has a detached hang tag as pictured and only put out for display, but as a pure white plush, there could be some dust which I will clean up as best as I can before shipping. Please check out the pictures below.

I am asking $59 shipped to anywhere in the connecting US plus fees. Thank you so much for giving him a new home.

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And that's it. If you want more pictures. Please let me know!

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Hey community sorry for hardly updating here at all, I've moved on mostly to the discord for pkmncollectors
Today I am sellling my pokemon times togekiss plush for $175 shipped from and only to the US only
open to fair haggling
He's MWT and only ever used on display
- Sales permission granted by areica96 on 2/27/17
- Quotes do NOT count as a commitment.
- I accept paypal only
- I ship from Texas