May 8th, 2021

Introduction Post!

Well hiya! Nice to finally meet you all! I have been lurking in the community off and on since 2014 (Mainly being in awe at some of these amazing collections!), but honestly really haven't had much energy to start documenting my collection until recently. Please call me Erica or Erie! I am a 26 year old artist living in the USA with way too much love for Pokemon and even more love specifically for Manaphy where most of my collection revolves around. It all started off with a Jakks Pacific plush that I still have to this day!

I have a website for my collection if you would like too see it a bit more in depth <3 It's still very much a work in progress, however most of my collection has been posted to it.

Here is the link to my page:

Pick up?

Hey, I was trying to order a few pokemon but the person I was using fell through. I was hoping someone would pick up a Raichu and a oddish from the recent release, Saiko Soda collab? Or if anyone got any mix au lait eeveelution that they might want to sell.

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