May 10th, 2021

ISO corphish pokedoll

Hey everyone! I have more money now and I realized I can buy a corphish pokedoll now instead of looking at images of it on the internet and sighing. So looking for one now! I don't really have a price in mind but id prefer tto.

I'm also looking for the korotto manmaru plush and the hasbro zipper pull! I know some of them are listed but looking for one at a decent price point.

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And as usual I'm always looking for other corphish/crawdaunt/relicanth/finneon/lumineon/poryline merch I dont have! I have a lenghty wishlist but I need to update it before sharing again. As for now just feel free to hmu with whatever!

  • ietne

Completed sets! Movie merch! And the biggest item in my collection! - another gets post

Hiya all!

Time to share some new gets I got since my last post! Also, under second cut you'll find a special item I planned to share with you since long ago, hehe. Both cuts are photo heavy and text heavy! Please enjoy!

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That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my post :) Thank you very much for reading. :)
For my next post I plan a very very special collection update! See you soon!