May 19th, 2021

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Latios Plush Collection Update!

It's been many years in the making but my Latios collection is nearly complete! Only missing three official plush now! (And already have the upcoming Sanei Boeki plush on pre-order)

I also did a little photoshoot of my Giant Latios my 6 Pokemon Fit Latios for fun :) more pics under the cut.
I'm always posting Pokémon stuff on my insta and I'm always down to follow more collectors so if you want to check it out it's

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Ray, Beta, Bill

New zukans, tiny little people

Hello everyone!
It must be about 2 years since I’ve posted anything:
but who cares, less talk.
Elite Four Lance zukan:
Elite Four Lorelei zukan:
Elite Four Bruno zukan:
This one! Probably the best of the human figures!
Whoever made these is extremely talented.
If only I’d kept some fighting types to go with him...

Thank you chris_techno25 for the help!
new eeveelutions

New Pokemon enamel pins on my Etsy shop!

Hi everyone! I had advertised for a few charms I had made a few weeks ago and I wanted to tell you guys that my custom pins came in! I am so excited! I also added some custom coasters and stickers! If you like Alolan Vulpix and/or Wooloo, please check out my shop!

I created a few custom pieces for members here on my Etsy before and have decided to really try and turn my passion for Pokemon and art into a business and am beginning learning how to do so! Today I am advertising some custom Pokemon straps/charms/coasters/stickers/pins I made of Alolan Vulpix and Wooloo with some boba tea! Stickers are just $1 shipped in the U.S., coasters are $5 plus shipping, enamel pins are $8 a piece plus shipping, and each strap/charm is $5 plus shipping. All can be purchased on my Etsy store, PokeN'Craft, which will be linked HERE:

Sales Permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/30/2010 (new thread- old feedback thread was deleted)

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Thank you all for taking the time to read this and if you know anyone how would like these, please share!