July 4th, 2021

ISO pins

I am looking to buy the following pins.

The Glaceon & Leafeon are from the Pokemon Center from around 2016. 

Other two sleeping pokemon are from Ohayouclothing from a few years back. 

Looking for these to complete my sets. Any leads are appreciated! 

Talking Meloetta & Sylveon plushes

There are two talking Pokémon plushes i really love: The talking Sylveon plush and the singing Meloetta plush.💖 I really want both of them and i'd happily pay $100,- to get them. So if anyone can sell me these i'd super happy. ^^ If you'd be able to sell me both that would be even better (hopefully for a slightly lower price, but you don't have to do that). Must be shipped to The Netherlands. 🇳🇱