July 26th, 2021

ISO Grail: 2009 Pokemon Center Croagunk Wooden Statue

Hello everyone, this is my first post on pkmncollectors and I am hoping this community can help me! I have been looking for the POKEMON CENTER 2009 CROAGUNK CAMPAIGN HAND CARVED LIMITED EDITION WOOD SCULPTURE for years. This is the grail I have been in search of — they do not show up often, but I thought I would try my luck and post! Please message or comment with any leads! Thank you all so much.

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Digimon Savers - Lalamon 。゚('Д゜ )゚。
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Sales, Last call before PP fees increase!

Last call before PayPal rates increase in August 2021 (a transaction has to be like $1400+ to make the new rate "better" otherwise it's paypal taking more money). Quotes at that time will reflect the new rates, so get your orders in beforehand!

Still on the hunt for better payment methods... (PP owns Venmo ugh)... I use stuff like Stripe for my Pan Sticker shop, I've used Transferwise for international payments before... these options are fine, but neither are instant like PP and tend to require a full two+ days for funds to be available....... hmmmm

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

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