mercurrix (mercurrix) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Update

I've updated with my sales with some new items, including old plastic locks, M08 straps, and some things from my own collection that need new homes. I've also lowered the prices of a lot of other stuff, some of which are now priced to sell fast (I hope!)

I have a big get sitting at the warehouse right now - like literally somewhat large - and I need to make space. Plus, some stuff has been sitting under my bed for months now, and I just don't really like keeping things around if they aren't being displayed.

Click the images below to take a look!

I might take a long time to ship but I will keep you updated. (No more than 2 weeks, and ideally I'll get stuff out waay before that, but I want to give myself some leeway.)
Also, please give me some time to respond once you comment. Items are held for 24 hours after I respond, not after your comment was made! So please don't worry if I'm taking a long time, the item will still be kept for you until I answer your questions. I'm working my butt off this month and 40 hours this week and next so I won't be very available, but I won't leave you hanging.
Tags: sales
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