Stella (giratina) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small wants!

Hello community!
I'll be getting a few commissions this week which means I've got some extra cash to spend (yay!). That being said; I'm looking to buy another one of this guy. (pic by me)

Looking for something relatively cheap(er than normal). Can be covered in a lot of scratches and can come without box! Just as long as the figure + stand are not broken. I'll have a little wiggle room for price, so I'll look at any offers I may possibly get o:

Next thing; I will be moving in November! Because of that, I'll finally have more room for my collection since I'll be out of my tiny room. I will be sure to post a picture update when that happens. Hopefully my stuff from Y!J will come in before I move. I made the mistake of using surface mail for most of my packages instead of unreg SAL ; - ; What are your experiences with using surface mail? If you're in the US, how long did it take to get there? I'm so nervous that the people buying this place will get them instead of me haha

Also still actively looking for any of these guys

(clear and non clear)

Wants | Collection

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