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Pracoro Dice and Some Other Wants

Hello again friends! Long time no post. I took a couple month hiatus due to some school expenses, but I'm back now. :)

Today I'm looking to add to my collection. I've recently been overcome by an infatuation for silly pokemon-shaped dice. What can I say, small trinkety stuff is my weakness. From what I've seen, they only made Gen 1 pokemon, but please let me know if there are more!

I'm looking to spend about 4 or 5 dollars before shipping/pp fees for the normal ones or up to $10 shipped on the shiny/sparkley ones, or those with painted details. Obviously, the more you have, the more I can save on shipping! At this time I'm not interested in breaking up boxes...I'd feel bad about only keeping one or two of the dice and throwing the rest in an ebay lot.

Here's the catch though- I would like them to be the same color as the pokemon. (E.g. blue squirtle, orange charmander, yellow/beige abra etc.)

Also looking for a clear Froslass kid, kokeshi charm, any Froslass flats I don't own, and a Dragonair stamp like this one- not concerned with color:

Image credit goes to google images- let me know if it's yours and you'd like me to take it down.

And some Winona things:
Hoenn Clearfile
Japanese full art
Reverse holo Japanese trainer card
Gym badge card:

I'll also be updating a decently sized sales post (hopefully this weekend!), so look out for that! ;)
Tags: dragonair, people, stamps, wants
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