Ris (ninetails) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Bromide pulls from the market, Pokemon Ramune!

Just a quick post. I went to the Japanese market in San Jose last week with bearprince and bought a bromide pack. I went back Monday and pulled the same cards. >_<

They come in a pack with 2 shiny cards. My sales rules here

It will be $2 each for a bromide.

Ahh lots to buy to get 20 cards. XD Depending on the stock I can do pickups for $4 a pack.

Also they had the newest kids. However, stock went by quick! There was just 3 boxes left when I went back on Monday.

Last pic! Pokemon ramune bottles that I bought awhile ago from Mitsuwa. :D

Anyone else ever had Pokemon ramune and or kept the bottle?

Hope they stock more Pokemon drinks in the future. XD currently Yokai Watch is popular... I see more Yokai snacks and even drinks.

Yesterday was National Dessert Day so it includes the pic of Female Pikachu Cafe coaster with my Pikachu parfait that I bought from an artist at Fanime. Custom food is sooo cute. :3
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