dragember (dragember) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Legitimate or Bootleg?

I'm having some trouble discerning if these two latios pokedolls are bootlegs or not. I got them both from US sellers who claimed to have bought them directly from a pokemoncenter at one point or another.

The one on the right is a Pokemon USA 2005 latios - it is velboa, this is its tag:

The one on the left is an International 2010 latios, it is also velboa, but it feels like a cheaper material. The embroidery is well done though.

It came with a hang tag. The seller claimed to have bought it from Nintendo World:

I think the 2010 one may be a bootie, mainly just because the material is so off from the 2005 one. I can't find anything about what material the 2010 international is supposed to be made of!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Tags: latios, pokedolls, pokemon
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