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Shiny gets. :D

Hello, everyone.~ I've been a little inactive recently, but I've gotten a few things I'd like to share with you. :D

So here's my current Shiny Bellossom collection! :D

 photo 20151014_150011_zpsygnwgqiw.jpg
 photo 20151014_150018_zpsj7lzb8zs.jpg
 photo 20151014_150026_zps22kkiec7.jpg

These are from agui_chan! The bookmark is gorgeous, and I adore the way she made the petals! <3
 photo 20151014_150116_zpsl6kz6u6o.jpg

And here's a rather unique custom addition to my shiny collection. She actually worked with me to create custom Shiny Retsuden Stickers! :D They're actual stickers, too! <3 Just a tiny bit smaller than real Retsuden stickers. ^^
 photo 20151014_150241_zpsnrbucloj.jpg

And lastly, here's the super adorable custom Pokedoll and mini Pokedoll by caffwin! <3
I absolutely adore the flowers, every part of this is flawless, I can't thank you enough! <33 ;u;
 photo 20151014_150458_zpsk4ckiwcl.jpg
 photo 20151014_150504_zpssq9k0xxl.jpg
 photo 20151014_150511_zps4i3hxsuq.jpg

Q~Q These babies are so adorable. <333
 photo 20151014_150522_zpss2zl7zr8.jpg
 photo 20151014_150525_zpsn9y2aadg.jpg

Size comparison with my Fennekin Pokedoll. :3
 photo 20151016_153513_zpsjw6jp9yz.jpg

Look at how preciouuusssss. <33
The flowers are just so gorgeous! Caffwin is an amazing artist and I highly recommend working with her on any sort of custom plush because she's just so sweet and great to work with. <33
 photo 20151016_154119_zpsvxiky1ao.jpg
 photo 20151016_154126_zps3zvribsh.jpg

And, because I haven't shared this yet, here is my current collection setup! :D I'm stuck in a tiny room, and my Umbreons and Espeons don't really match the white furniture, so they're being stored for the time being. D: I'm pretty picky about my things matching, so this will do for now. They're not the only ones stored away, I'm going to say at least 75% of my collection is in boxes.
They'll be out and properly displayed around August of next year, which I'll probably do some sort of reintro with and whatnot once I get them all unpacked. :D

Anyway, enough rambling, here's my current tiny collection set up!
 photo 20151014_145053_zpslgjolxkc.jpg

On the little shelves on my headboard I keep my plush and the figures that my cat doesn't seem to want to chew. xD;
 photo 20151014_145103_zpspjpg452m.jpg

The plush stay on the lowest one so I don't accidentally knock them over while sleeping. ^^'
 photo 20151014_145206_zpsrefvhpfi.jpg

And these figures stay up here because I'm way less likely to knock them over, and my kitty doesn't really take an interest in these. More on that later.
 photo 20151014_145221_zpsutcmvzcf.jpg

The order of these figures changes quite often, and I'm swapping figures out from the closet pretty much every other day, but as of now I have these guys out. :3
 photo 20151014_145236_zpshqowsiqp.jpg

These are the figures that, for whatever reason, my cat found fun to mess with. She was especially fond of the Roselia Pencil Topper and the Hasbro Skitty Figure, so I decided to get a display case where she couldn't mess with them. xD It looks much nicer in person without the weird reflection.
 photo 20151014_145249_zpsz1wy4gfd.jpg

And here's the end of the shelf. Sleepy Eevee, a flowery Pokecen tin, and an Ivysaur figure I picked up a few weeks ago.
 photo 20151014_145254_zpsi83bv6ml.jpg

I want to keep more out, but I just don't have the space and don't want to squish everything together. ;u;
They'll be out of their boxes soon! <3

You can view everything on my new collection site here: http://synysterxskittles.wix.com/collection

If you run into any issues on the site, please let me know! It's actually two sites integrated into one, and I'm still finding little things to tweak. If there's any typos, broken links, or anything that looks out of place, PLEASE let me know! <3
It's also not 100% finished and up to date, especially with the main collections x.x
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