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Newest Goodies (Pikachu in the Farm Part 2)

Hi everyone

Sorry for posting again so soon but just got my newest goods from Pokevault. At first I was shocked to see a huge box come in, but I think I finally now know why

(Might be a bit image heavy)

Here's an overview photo of all the goodies I got. That cushion was huge, so that explains why the box was huge. XD

We have the Pikachu in the Farm Cushion, Shoulder Bag, and mug.
Also a pikachu bath mat, and the two recent monthly pikachu plushies.

Here's the cushion at first, it's got a velvet like fabric and it's double sided with these prints on it.

Next off the bath mat, it's just like any other bath mats you see in local stores. It's also slip-resistant on the back of it.

Here's the shoulder bag, it also has both prints on it too. Has a small pocket inside also ^^

The other item is the mug, it came with a wooden spoon with the engravement of "Pikachu in the Farm"

Last part is the monthly pikachus
The artistchu and duffle coat chu

I really love being a collector of the Monthly Pikachus but probably my other favorite part is the tag art that comes with it. ^^

I'm sure they had fun on adding this doodle to the mushrooms. XD

Thanks for looking and probably my next update would be when Christmas promotion/Kuttari's is released. I can't wait to show all of my kuttari vees as a whole. ^^
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