Josey (smackdelugexz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

It's my first post!

Hello everyone~
I'm new here and you can call me Josey!

I'm not really a total pokemon master, but I've been a Japan enthusiast and upon visiting Japan a few times, I've fell in love with the cute pokemon monsters at Pokemon Center! I'm going to share about my latest visit to the Pokemon Center when I was in Japan.

Banpresto had this new Pokemon Ichibankuji, where I had to buy lottery tickets and will win a random item for each ticket. I wanted the Pikachu in a sleeping bag so badly I couldn't stop and continued playing like I had a lot of money to offer. LOL. So I ended up with the above items (and I have so many duplicate items ToT), and I didn't even get my sleeping bag Pikachu nuooooo. I'm still happy with the items though! I like cartoon socks since before so I guess I have new socks to wear now~

And I'm a proud pin badge collector!

This is all from my latest Japan trip. :D I swear I had two more pin badges from Pokemon Center other than the top left hand side one, but I can't find it :(
I love pin badges a lot, so feel free to approach me if you have any nice pin badges for sale!
Tags: banpresto, introductions, pokecen
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