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Raising money for a return trip to Japan!

October of last year, I went on what I figured was a once and a life time trip to Japan. Well, I was wrong for I have been given a chance to return at the beginning of 2016! The only issue, I need money and a lot of it!! In an attempt to raise funds, I have put several auctions up on eBay. Majority of which contain items I brought back with me from my Japan trip last year.

Before I continue, some important info. I have been a member of the pkmncollectors since August of 2007! So, I was technically "grandfathered" in. Here is a link to my community feedback:

Community members are more then welcome to organize group auctions or group buys for my lots. All items come from a smoke free, but pet friendly environment. I have two cats and hard as I may try to remove it, sometimes packages comes with kitty hair. Just think of it as a free gift from Jaden and Jiraiya. I ship from the US and am located in Virgina.

Enough of my rambling, time to show off what is available:

Link to the Team Rocket cel

Link to the Pokemon Tomy Battrio Coin set

Link to the 40+ Pokemon item lot

This picture is just the tip of the iceberg with this lot, there are 85 Char related items in the mix!

Link to the 85 item Charmander lot

Link to the Pokemon Cookie Strap lot

Link to the Moltres Figure lot

Link to the Pokemon Ichiban Kuji lot

Link to the Pokemon Center Pin lot

Link to the Shiny Mega Gengar Promo Card lot

There are some other Pokemon and various anime listings not pictured here too. For a complete list off all the eBay auctions I have up, click the link below:

I have more things that I plan to list on eBay in the coming weeks. Thanks...:3

Edit - It has come to my attention that the images in the post are not showing up. I had to manually go into the LJ photostream album and change the security on each photo. The odd thing is, the album itself is set to public. Another LJ fail I suppose? Hopefully, the issue is now resolved.

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