birdydown (birdydown) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction post!

Hi, I'm Birdydown or Van, and I just joined this amazing community.
I'm 19, and live in Canada.
I don't collect anything specific currently, but I hope to change that!
I've been a fan of Pokemon for 14 years, with my first game being red.
I didn't really start collecting until getting in contact with my awesome little cousin, who is also a huge fan of Pokemon, and collected the toys.

The most fabulous Fennekin ever~!

Legendary pokedolls from a trip to Disney's Epcot a few years back

Starter plush.

The big guys! The Custom plush you see here is a Hoopa done by DawnoftheThreadStu on Etsy. :)
Again larger plush. The Championship Pikachu was a gift from my awesome cousin. <3

misc plush and figures.

I used to collect Pignite, this is as far as I got. <3

Close up of the adorable fire piggys~! <3

Finally some more misc plush.

Thanks for looking!
I look forword to getting to know everyone, and getting to add to my collection!
Tags: pignite, plush, pokedolls
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