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✿ New Sales - Lowered Prices! & Gets!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

Today is an exciting day! I got a big box of new items from SMJ in today, and a few other awesome things, so i thought i'd show you all!! :D I still have a ton of stuff sitting at the warehouse waiting to be shipped, but this is about half of what ive bought lately!

As you guys may have noticed, i literally collect anything at all with even the tiniest zigzagoon or linoone on it. Which is pretty crazy, but it also allows me to collect and find a lot of really awesome and unique items! Most of the items below have a zig or noon somewhere on them, so let's play a little game of eye-spy! :D

I got this really awesome map poster of ORAS Hoenn! Ziggy is on the left hand side! Such a cool piece of merch to own!

Glory Days CD! I haven't listened to it, but i saw a scan of this inner pamphlet on pacificpikachu's Tumblr Pokescans, and obviously had to have it because zig!

This appears to be a poster probably of all the pokemon you can obtain in ORAS! Ziggy and Noony are up near the top! It is really big!

Pokemon Battle Trozoi PencilBoard! I was really surprised to see Noony on this!! Also idk why they made him grey colored, but all the other Pokemon featured are their normal colors. xD

Some really nice books! I might sell the other pages from these this week at some point. They are very clean and bright!

New Hoenn Art Sticker, Ziggy doodle, and HUGE poster from poliwhirl!! Thank you so much! This is so awesome! I LOVE the doodle you made me! The next update i do to my site, it will be displayed in my "doodles" section! :D (Btw idk if you all knew that, but i do keep all the ziggy/noony doodles i get and even have a section for them on my site! xD )

The New Hoenn Art Book! So beautiful! You can actually see all of the pages here! There are a few images with Ziggy included as well as the cover art!

New Hoenn Art Book Notebook! Thank you so so so much to 0fabliau for selling this to me!! <333 I couldnt find one anywhere! Now i just need to hunt down the dang clearfile and i thinkkk ill have everything with this art on it! :D

This cool little thing is a tape roll! m14mouse pointed me out to this! It appears to have layers with different Pokemon on it. There are different color balls and tape rolls you can get too! Does anyone know if Linoone is on one of the others?

This is like a little TCG sized card with one of the images from the Art Book in it! It's very cute! There is a zig right in the center of the beach! Very tiny!

I believe these are pages from a magazine featuring zigzagoon on a few of them! :D

Little book cut outs given to me by stalkingsuicune!! They are SO cute!! Thank you so much!! :D <333

Is this not the most precious thing you've ever seen????? This is a drawing done by our very own peppermmints!! You really did an amazing job! I can't thank you enough! :D <333 I can't wait to get a clear little pocket to put it in so i can display it safely! C:

This adorable little sculpt was made by Miss kyreon!! <333 Look how precious!! I especially love the detail for the claws!! She offered it to me as a trade for something in my sales and i obviously couldn't resist! I really hope you make a linoone too! <333 >w<

ARE YOU SURPRISED TO SEE THIS OR WHAT??? After spending SO MUCH MONEY on different sets of these stupid pogs, i FINALLY pulled one single linoone!! <3333 I am still in shock. This was one of the most annoying pieces of merch to get. Normally it's fun for me but after all the money i spent i just started to get pissy. LOL xD

That's it for the zig line related merch, now for a couple others:

Look at these little noodles! Theyre so so cute! I didn't get eevee yet, because i claimed it a while back in a GB, which hopefully comes in soon! Can't wait to have the 3 together!

Lots of photos for this pretty lady! This sweetheart was part of a trade i did with starpurrloin! I actually wasn't expecting to really love this plush so much, but when i had her in my hands i fell in love!! So detailed and soft! Her name is Delilah, and she had definitely won a permanent spot in my heart and my collection! <3

That is FINALLY it for the gets! xD I'll make another post once my next box comes in, which will have a lot more exciting things than this one did!

Next up, I did a huge clean up in my sales post! Changed the theme, cleaned up the rules section, and lowered prices on just about everything! I also spent the entire day making this brand new banner! Although i'm pretty disappointed with the coloring job i did, it will do for now! Please please check it out!! Click here or the banner to see!! :D

OH, i am also willing to TRADE FOR ANY ZIGZAGOON/LINOONE ITEM I DON'T HAVE ORRR FOR CUSTOM ART. (plushes, drawings, sculptures, etc show me what you've got!)

I also have a bunch for sale on my Ebay! Click here to see those items!
I'll also be adding a totodile kutakuta MWT to Ebay in a little while! So look out for that! :D

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
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