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New York wedding: gets and Nintendo World photos!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to my internet friend's wedding in Long Island, NY! I know her through the Pokemon community, of course, and I went with a few members of our online friend group. The wedding was lovely, and as you can imagine, it was a weekend brimming with Pokemon, naturally including a trip to Nintendo World!

First, one of the friends we met up with brought incredibly generous Pokemon gifts for everyone! I honestly started freaking out when I saw what she got me!
From Negrek photo from Negrek_zps8njoyb8c.jpg
OMG! She knows me too well - the Espurr Wanted notebook, a lovely Mewtwo sticker, and an Espeon and Umbreon glass! She also wrote a really sweet letter in an Eeveelutions card! I can't get over how generous she was.

At the very end of the trip we decided to venture through Time Square to reach what else, but Nintendo World! I took some photos, and couldn't resist getting myself a little something!
 photo NW plush_zps6gkhmqfg.jpg
I'd only been to Nintendo World once about 6-7 years ago. Now the Pokemon section is on the top floor, and it has a much better variety of goods! First up are the plush - they also had some of the 1:1 Hoenn and Kalos starters and Pikachu plush, and probably a few others I'm missing.

 photo NW keychain plush_zpssrmiufew.jpg
Petit and Halloween plush! They also had a ton of leftover little Pansage. The Halloween plush are beyond cute! *-*

 photo NW socks etc_zpsqzkbs09e.jpg
Halloween plush pins, long socks, and Tomys! They also had a about 10 t-shirt designs (including some "feminine" ones), tooks and baseball hats!

Pikachu Golbat plush photo Golbat Pikachu_zpsmyxuna0k.jpg
I wasn't planning on getting anything for myself, but I decided I had to get one of the Halloween keychain plush! It was between Golbat and Mismagius, but I like that Golbat is more recognizable. :3 (I may also be using it as a reference for something, hehe! >3)

Lastly, my sales post is still open, and includes an awesome Pokemon Halloween card - right in tiem for the holidays!

Thanks for reading!

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