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Mini TCG Packs!

My local dollar store (Dollar Tree) finally started carrying the mini tcg packs. These are mini packs that contain 3 cards. I believe the XY, Phantom Forces, and Furious Fists expansions also have these, but I haven't seen them. Anyways, I decided to get a whole bunch, first of all because I collect TCG wrappers, and secondly beause I was curious what was in them.

First I opened the Flashfire packs. Each pack contained two common cards, one uncommon, and a promotional insert.

Overall some pretty decent pulls.

Next it was time for the Ancient Origins packs. They were the same as the Flashfire packs... two commons, one uncommon. Until....

UH. Okay. Wasn't expecting an EX.  Wow!
Here's everything else.

So yeah, I'm pretty satisfied. The pros

  • No trainer cards! I'f you're like me and just collect the pokemon this is really nice.

  • Good value. Where I am, four of these packs (12 cards) costs about the same as a regular booster (10 cards) And you can be sure all of them are pokemon.

  • Possible to get rares and ex's

The cons

  • The image printing on the foil packaging is lower quality than on the full packs

  • No trainer cards, if you need those to complete your set

I'd say pick a few up if you see them. It's a nice way to beef up you collection a bit.
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