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Sales and Auctions and Wants, oh my!

Hello friends!

Once again, it's been about a year since I posted to pkmncollectors, and I have made a big decision since then.... I am changing what I am collecting! In the past, I've collected Eeveelutions, and I have decided I am going to switch to Pokédolls~ :3 Now, because of this shift, I have some collection weeding to do! Of course, in the future I will be selling more, but right now these are the things I'm able to let go :)

EDIT: Trying to fix pictures now!! Sorry for the inconvenience~! Fixed! Thanks to everyone who brought this to my attention :)

Here is a preview for the auctions and sales:
*sales permission granted by dakajojo on 7/20/11*
*please note the dragonite pokedoll is not for sale, it is for size reference for the lot of kids*

+ more plushies and charms!

Also a lot of 586 kids at a starting price of only $20!!! That's 3.5 cents per kid!

Click HERE or the pictures to go to the Auctions and Sales!

Also, I have a MAJOR want~

The JP Minky Lapras Pokedoll~ and here's the kick, I'd prefer it with it's tush tag only :) Please help me out~ I really want this little guy <3 <3

Thanks so much for looking! I hope everyone has a good night :D <3
Tags: auctions, charms, eeveelution, kids, lapras, pokedolls, sales, wanted
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