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Trades Post

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing well!

So I realized that I'm swamped in Pokemon cards lately and I'd like to get rid of some of them! I've got a few EXs, and lots of reverse holo cards! You can also ask for a specific Pokemon, and I'll see if I have any cards of it!

Here are some of the cards!

Not available: Ampharos EX

I also have a bunch of reverse holos in my binder! Around 30 of them! If you'd like a picture of the reverse holos or would like a better picture of any of the cards, don't hesitate to ask! I'll make sure to check if I have anything you need! n w n

The cards I'm looking for are the fullart Hoopa EX from Ancient Origins, the Hoopa EX promo from the latest tin, the Yveltal promo from the Yveltal vs Xerneas Battle Deck, the Spritzee reverse holo from the X & Y base set, and the Aromatisse reverse holo from the X & Y base set! If you don't have those, you can still offer something to me! I'll trades cards for merchandise that's not TCG so no worries!

Thanks for reading! Next time I'll definitely post a proper gets post or something! I'll see you all next time!

Also to make this post less boring, here's a quick picture of some stuff I got recently!

Tags: tcg, trading
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