pokefanxeni (pokefanxeni) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Introduction Time!

Hello everyone! After recommendation from a friend, and some community lurking, I have finally joined this great looking community. My name is pokefanxeni, but you can call me Xeni. I live in Saitama, Japan and have loved Pokemon my whole life. My collection is still small, but I'm working to build it bigger. I get happy when the Pokemon Centers get new items. I am within a reasonable distance of 2 main Pokemon Centers and one small one (Mega Tokyo, Chiba, and Tokyo Station.) I mainly collect Pikachu, but I also love Jolteon and Sylveon. Who doesn't love at leave one of the eeveeloutions, am I right? I also collect Furret a little bit, but it is hard to find. I was very happy this year when they included Furret in the Pokemon Time promotion!

For now, here are my most recent items. I don't have fancy collection spots just yet like everyone I see here. It's so inspiring! I hope to make lots of friends and become a great memeber of this community. I want to gain Pokemon collecting knowledge and maybe even help others get items from Japan who have no access to them. Nice to meet you all! I hope to have a great relationship!
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