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Venusaur Collection Site Open! Update + Gets!

Hey guys! Finally got my collection site (mostly) finished after months of working on it off and on. I am very excited to finally be able to share it!
Below the cut is a collection update and some gets :)

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Finally Got my Venusaur Power Tower shelf to look how I wanted. I had to find the perfect way to cram everything in those squares. A lot of tape and magnets were used.
I love how the Perler Sprite looks on the wall, it was made by latias_latios_7!

You can check out all of these items up close, with information about them on my site if you want :D

My boyfriend added an LED strip for the figure shelf for me. Here it is in action:

Also got this little metal plaque printed for the space between the two shelves.

Got some new Venusaur items over the past few months. Some of my favorites yet!

First is this AWESOME Toys R US mega Venusaur figure. When I first saw pictures for this I was worried it would be made of cheap plastic and be crappy overall. I am pleasently surprised that this thing is very high quality. The colors look amazing and the material it is made of is very sturdy. It is also HUGE. This is one of my favorite items. It's a great figure.

Here it is compared to some other figures, including the hyper size tomy.

Never though I'd get this. It's a venusaur pokedoll strap that seems to be pretty rare. It's really cute!

Battle Pose Tomy! I've been looking for this for a while too. I love how this figure looks. His mouth is so big but it's adorable.

Puchi Chara! It's so tiny.

Bouncy ball! I've never seen a Venusaur version of these before.

Mickey D's Happy meal toy...from France! I actually really like this one. It can "walk". Also its face kind of looks like a shark.

New PC plush! I was shocked when I saw that this was being released. Venusaur has been getting pretty lucky in the merch department lately.
It seems that they used almost the exact pattern for this plush as the mega plush. i really like the pattern for the mega plush, so that's a plus for me.

This plush is great and I would highly recommend it! I think I like it more than the mega plush. The colors are a lot brighter, and his flower sits more evenly.

Another item that I have been looking for for ages. It's a tiny diorama set featuring mew. It is only about 3" long. It seems difficult to find the mew figure and the base, usually I see the Venusaur figure by itself. Seems pretty easy for the parts to be lost, especially since the figure set is 10 years old.

There are more of these sets too, with blastoise and lugia, and charizard and groudon.

Oh my god when this thing came in the mail it was filthy. Black gunk all over every peice. This seems to happen with all the rare items I recieve...
Anyway, I scrubbed the whole thing down with a soft toothbrush and soapy water. The original Venusaur peice was too gunky unfortunately and I could not get that thing clean. Luckily I had an extra peice in good shape so I just subsituted it.

And Finally, something that is very special...

Venusaur film frames! These are from the first movie. I saw some similiar strips in another member's collection ages ago and always thought they were really cool.
My boyfriend also has film strips from the Evangelion movies and I was always jealous :P

They look awesome when they are lit up! Like little television screens.

I am currently setting up a frame for them, with LED lights behind the pane so they can be lit up all the time.

Thanks as always for looking/reading! \(•‿•)/

P.S. I would love to put some of your guys' banners on my site!

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