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WTB Towel + New Display, Sales Update

Hey all, I have another tiny sales update - some gen II metal pins that I forgot to add last week. They're in great condition and looking fo new homes! Check it out here.
Please be patient with me on responding and shipping. I will get back to you! I'm working fulltime this week with a really weird schedule so I just might be a little slow.

I'm also looking a 10x10 (give or take) towel. I already have one of the M08 ones below, but I'm expanding my display and have more space to cover! The two below are what I have in mind specifically, but please go ahead and show me any towels you may have - All I want is for it to look good with my M08 one.

edit: So I just bought myself the Lati one on Y!J, but I'm still open to other towels you may have cause I was hoping to get something sooner! :)

My top shelf under construction. Weavile's waiting on a friend to join him :) The towel I currently have will sit under Weavile and cover my plastic holders - I plan to have another cover the other side where another plush will sit.

Most o these books were on the very top next to Weavile, but I moved them down below to make room for my upcoming plush. Thus I had to make room on this shelf and put away about half of my collection there. I don't mind though, I actually like this a lot better.

Not pictured is my Mega Absol plush, who is on the very bottom shelf by herself. There are still some pieces I have that just don't fit right now, so eventually I'm gonna have to get another shelf up. I ordered two more kuttari - Sylveon and Lucario - and they'll probably squeeze in on top of the books, or go somewhere else, idk yet.

And one more question - I'd like to get some toploaders big enough to fit star pokedoll tags and my DX Weavile's tag. What size do you all use and where do you get them? I know i'm being a bit lazy here; I browsed on Amazon for a bit but only saw 3 x 5 and 5 x 8 (which sounds too big).
Tags: absol, espurr, latias, latios, lucario, sales, sneasel, vaporeon, weavile
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