Daniel (hawlucha) wrote in pkmncollectors,

What to do with my card collection?

When Diamond and Pearl came out, I got the idea of making a full Pokédex made of just trading cards. I got a different card for every Pokémon, including alternate forms. I almost completed this task, with only a few Unown forms and a dozen of D/P Pokémon I couldn't get cheap cards for.

With Black and white though, I got really overwhelmed with other collections, and set this project aside. So, I don't really have any cards from the 5th and 6th generation (or rather, I have a few lying around that I got as freebies or if I randomly bought booster packs, but I never organized them and I really don't think I have that many anyway).

While I think this collection looks really nice, I am not really interested in keeping it and continuing it anymore. There's only a few cards in the whole folder I'd like to keep, while everything else I wouldn't mind to try and sell. I also have more boxes of random cards that couldn't fit the folder (I often got these in bulk for cheap or in trades).

So now my question is... what do you suggest I do with these cards? Take out the ones I like or that I am attached to, and sell the rest in bulk, as well as the other hundred cards I have around? Or try to complete it? I don't really know if I could even get any much money from these cards, as they're from varying rarities and conditions, and most of them are NOT mint. The most expensive card (the shiny Charizard) I'd keep for myself, in case you're wondering.

Here's pictures of the whole collection:

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