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Guides, guides and I need a TFG guide!

While getting out my old pokemon collection to display I found some of my
, there's a direct link between when I stopped buying game guides and when I got the internet :p

Now a request, I was after some help with the pokemon TFG, I know there was the first set, I remember seeing them in a few shops and am now kicking myself that I never bought some, there's also groundbreakers which I gather is super rare (Dying to get my hands on the Venusaur) and there's also an unamed third set? I'm basically after info on what the sets consist of with pictures, how to tell if what's on ebay is fake or legit (I heard the third set on ebay is mostly bootlegs, don't know if that's actually true or not?), if anyone could help or point me in the direction of accurate info I would be extremely grateful!
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