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applause collection updatooo

it's been a while since i've posted anything other than sales haha. i finally had some time to arrange my shelf and since i want to display my owl collection in a glass cabinet that i still need to pick up from Ikea, i decided that i should put my applauses on this shelf !

just for the fun of it, this is my applause collection in 2012... it's so small and innocent, a collection that hasn't eaten my wallet inside out or caused me to yell and cry for being sniped on auctions. :'D

(oops my phones camera sucks) here's the shelf in it's finished glory ! i put my owl plushies on it too because... why not ? i think they would fit here for now, so yeah haha. i have my giratina and dialga pokedolls on the top as well, as i really wanted to display them (dialga being my ex-main collection and giratina being a veeeery tiny side collection). the blue tubs on the side have all my owls and dialgas, and that roll is a really neat banpresto poster with shiny noctowl but i need to get it framed first (it's REALLY cool poster, you'll see later when i get to make a huge owl post uwu). oh and well, there are some other figures on it as well but those aren't relevant !!!

what is relevant on the other hand...

... here's all my applauses ! it has gone trough few weedings, but i've decided to keep some duplicates, since there are few i REALLY like and i'd just love to own like, 1000, of each haha. i'm still missing two, sandshrew and gastly. sandshrew is an easy find, i've just haven't gotten myself to buy one yet heh. and gastly being a rare motherfricker, is still my grail.

there are also some stuff in my last sales post that i'd like to sell, so please give it a look !

no title

if the image link doesn't work... CLICK MEEEEEE
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