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wants: little tales! + pins

Hi everyone! If anyone's selling these things for a reasonable/cheap price please let me know!

- Little Tales Promo
- Pins

Please keep in mind that I will consider your sales but it's not definite that I'm buying unless I say that I'm committed. Also, I would prefer sellers in Asia as the shipping fees are cheaper + the currency rates are more favourable, but I'm open to sellers from anywhere!

I'm especially interested in items from the Little Tales promo! If you have anything from the little tales promo that you'd like to clear, please let me know. I recently missed out on a great deal on the muffler plush from one of the community members, so I'm really upset :(

The pokemon center should have a little tales part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really want this muffler plush!! I know there are loads on ebay but they're soooo expensive...

Also, I'm looking for pins! I don't have any in particular, except this subsitute pin -

but I know they're really rare so I doubt anyone would have them for sale cheaply.

I'm trying to start a pin collection so if you have any pins for sale let me know!

And that's all!~

Random poll to make things less boring..

Should the Pokemon Center have Little Tales Part. 3?!?!?!?

No because I don't have enough funds... :(
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