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Amarok's super mixed leftovers sales!

I've had this stuff sitting around forever, and I'm starting a new job soon that won't leave me much time to go to the post office, so I'm taking it as a sign to finally get this stuff out the door before then!

Also, I'm currently looking for the Genesect kuji figure (the small/chibi one, not the big one) if anyone has it for sale. Thank yooouu!

Photobucket DOUBLE ALSO, I still have a bunch of tretta up for sale here( which you are welcome to combine with anything from this sales post!Photobucket

*Sales approval was granted in Jan. 2011 by denkimouse. You can see my feedback here:

*Items will be mailed from the USA. I can make it to the post office once or twice a week, so your item(s) should be mailed within a week. Please include your country when asking for an international quote and be aware that USPS international shipping rates suck!

*Payments via Paypal in USD only!

*Items can be put on hold for 24 hours! Aside from that, items will be sold to the first person who states a clear commitment to purchase.

Thanks for looking!

 photo bigsales02_zpsvdukuarl.jpg

Kuji figures: 10$ each
Kids: 2.50$ each
Coin cases: 7$ each
Pokemon with you badge: 3$

 photo bigsales06_zpskn61cwxp.jpg

PVC pouches (1 pink, 1 green): 15$ each
Square pouch (top right): 12$
Sleepover set: 8$
Kuji glass: 7$

 photo bigsales05_zpsbpqsswc1.jpg

Super DX eevee plush: 20$
Multipass case: 15$
Banpresto korotto manmaru prize plush: 12$
Kuji strap: 5$
Card design case: 8$
Kuji scrunchie: 5$

 photo bigsales03_zps0pph4dmk.jpg

Lucario kuji figure: 10$
We are Team Rocket figures (Wobuffet, Jesse): $6 each
kokeshi strap: 11$
loose figures: 2$ each
bell strap: 8$
regular strap: 8$

 photo bigsales04_zpsbsbxi4oa.jpg

I <3 Eevee plush: 10$ each
Kuji plush: 12$ each

 photo bigsales07_zpsevmo3pzf.jpg

limited Pokecen eeveelution tote bag: 20$
Hand towel: 6$
Eevee collection placemat/coaster set: 15$
Tokyo version mini-towel: 7.50$
Pokemon Best Wishes Ash/Pikachu partners figure: 25$

 photo bigsales01_zpsv0nirxv0.jpg

Plate/mug sets: 10$ each. (can include or discard original packaging to save on shipping depending on your wishes!)

 photo bigsales08_zpsmp6knku9.jpg

(Whoops, took a 2nd picture of the figure...)

Mystery chu: 4$
Mysterious ancient felt kits: 15$ each
Diamond/pearl water bottle: 4$
Stationery set: 5$

 photo bigsales09_zps7mt39bgx.jpg

WEIRD FIGURES (kanghaskan has removable baby, meowth has crazy face, omastar's 2 separate pieces...): 1$ each. These come in little pokeballs!

 photo bigsales10_zpsrhouzo6o.jpg photo lastone_zpscp0tvsrj.jpg

Last One Eevee/Pikachu figure from 2013 kuji: 30$
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