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Salamence collection update

Hi guys! Last weekend I received a huge lot of new Salamence items! :D And I got a glass cabinet. Now my dragon collection has more space and is not so crammed anymore XD And even better, no more dust on the goodies in the cabinet :)
Also tagging absol since you wanted to see some pictures ^^
Click the cut if you want to see my beloved Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence collection. :D Warning: Picutre-heavy!
It features 144 different items now o.O

Here are all my plushies and figures. So much cuteness. Can't get over it <3

Just the figures and misc items:

Tomy figures. The left one was my very first Salamence item. I found it a few years ago in a shop in Chinatown in Paris XD It's dates back to 2003. I believe the right one is the newer release? It much darker than the other one and not glossy. It also consists of a different, harder material, I'd say. Does anyone know what year it was released in? I love the fact I got both variants ^^

All my hollow kid figures! I received the shiny one in my last package. It's called "Fauchi", just like the one I got ingame <3 I'm still missing a few kid figures, but I'm very happy with the ones I already have.

My flats :D I appreciate the custom drawings so much, too! However, I forgot to take a picture of some of them (Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence staks, Salamence settei, Year of the dragon clearfile).

And here is how I display things:

Most Rayrays are cuddling together XD

I couldn't have acquired so much without this wonderful community. Thank you, guys! :D
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