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Pumpkin Charm Commissions/Sale

I don't even remember the last time I posted to the community, but today is the day! I've been around, but not that active ;P

I have 5 pre-made pumpkin charms for sale today, as well as a few slots open for custom pumpkin pokemon charms.
I really want to get enough to buy one of those pumpkin plush before they go out for the season!

Granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by Dakajojo

Feedback: NEW OLD

Terms and Policies!


* PayPal is my preferred choice for payment, all prices in USD.

* Trades are welcome, I will not send my half until proof that your half has been shipped is given.

* No haggling is accepted at this time.
* PayPal payments must be made within 24 hours once you commit to the purchase, unless otherwise discussed.


* Shipping costs are extra and include fees for supplies, unless noted otherwise.
* I ship from Michigan and am Hesitant but willing to ship internationally at this time(Domestic shipping/fees start at $2.50, International will have to be weighed after for accuracy)

Extra Information

* I am willing to hold items for up to 24 hours.
* If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

* I will not sell to anyone banned from
* I have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason
* I have a dog, I will make sure to have fur free charms

Previous Examples

I made a jigglypuff and pikachu for my collection and pancham, machoke and espurr for friends!

Today's Sales

$5 each
Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Caterpie and Koffing

In case it is unclear which is which (Curse you pokemon with no distinct facial features) they have a matching colored strap.

Commission Info
*Prices start at $5 and may vary with complexity.
*I am hoping to fly through these to get them sent out quickly so they will be received before Halloween!
*Please keep in mind the complexity of your preferred pokemon when asking for a commission. This goes for both complex

and simplistic. I wouldn't be able to do Xerneas justice, but also voltorb wouldn't be the best representation either.
*All charms will come with a strap that matches the color of the pokemon (or closest match), and a dust plug attachment to be able to     put the charm into a headphone jack, and a little bell just for fun!

1. StalkingSuicune/Sharp_Claw - Suicune and Manectric
2. Mixie94 - Meowth
3.Clair2522 - Skuntank and Wigglytuff
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to voice them!

I am going to bed for the night, I will reply in the morning!
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