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Xerneas Figure Question

Hi! This is just a quick post about a recent Xerneas figure that I purchased. I'm not sure what kind of figure it is (I believe the seller said it was a lottery figure). Well anyways there was some assembly required. For the most part it was more or less straight forward however there is a piece that I can't figure out were it goes and the instructions are in Japanese so they aren't too much help at this point.

Here are the instructions:
There isn't anything on the back (it's blank) so I won't post it.

All the pieces:

Here is how I put them together

Now this is what I have questions about. There is a tiny black piece that came with it that for the life of me I can't figure out where it goes.
So does anyone have any ideas about this piece? It could just be that it was a piece from something else that just made its way into the package (from the look of it I don't think it was is its original packaging due to the fact I received the figure in a ziplock bag) but I just want to make sure it isn't important or anything.
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