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First Sales Post and sticker/plush commissions!

Hey guys! I finally got approved for sales permission! *cheers*

I have a ton of custom plushes that my sister and I made that need homes, so you will find them in the sales, as well as custom stickers and zipper pouches!
I also have some regular sales that are basically just old stuff from my trade post, though I am not accepting any more trades right now!

Anywho, here's a little preview!

Sales Policy:

-Sales permission granted by areica96 on October 20, 2015
-My Feedback
-All community rules apply
-I will not sell to banned or non-members
-Paypal only!
-Prices are in USD and do not include shipping fees
-I ship from Florida and can ship internationally!
-I will ship only when I receive full payment
-I accept haggling for all items besides custom plushes, but please be reasonable, just shoot me an offer!
-Items are from a smoke-free home!
-I can hold items for up to 72 hours
-Commitment is prioritized before quotes
-I will let you know once the item has been shipped, if you ordered a shipping type that came with tracking, I will tell you the tracking number as well
-I do foster kittens, and they can get into some bizarre places. New custom plushes should be safe as they are kept in a totally different area, but old plushies may have cat fur and I advise not to buy here if you have severe allergies!
-Trades are closed for the time being!
-I can provide more pictures if needed :)

I have been selling things online for a good while, but I do have a busy schedule during the week, so please bear with me if I do not reply right away! I will do the best I can. If I don't reply within 24 hours, then something has gone terribly wrong.

First off I have a ton of pre-made custom plushes from my sister and I!

Custom Sylveon Plush- $52

Shiny Umbreon Custom Plush-  $55

Custom Pichu Plush- $35

Custom Eevee Plush- $38

Raichu Custom Plush- $50

Pikachu Tsum-Tsum Plush- $45

Swampert Custom Plush- $70

Custom Flareon Plush (3DS for size ref)- $70

For these two, I'd like something between $35-$50 each, not sure exactly so shoot an offer!

Fot this, too, something between $40-$60 should be fine!

Handmade Stickers- $1 each! You can also buy full sets

Starters full set (exclude Raichu): $15
Electric Rodent Full Set: $6
Eeveelution Full Set: $7

See the Commissions tab if you want a custom sticker!

 I also have these pouches for sale:

They are $15 each, I think all of them are available except Eevee and Flareon!

Squirtle- $4
Azurill (a little dirty)- $13
Sneasel- $4
Ivysaur (a lottle dirty)- $5

Charmander(damage on eyes)- $13
Bulbasaur (Covered in dog/cat hair, will definitely wash before shipped)-$13

Chimchar keychain- $5
Oshawott Figure (small marks on head)- $2
Koffing Spin Toy- $2
Jigglypuff Spin Toy- $2
Ryhorn Racer Toy- $2
Marill Figure- $3
Bunnelby Figure- $3
Ivysaur KFC Toy (squirter?)- $3

I forgot to include Lapras in the last pic
It's $2 as well

Pokemon Party Supplies!
Includes a table cover, ceiling decorations, and middlepieces!
Some parts may have some tape residue or small rips
Take is all for $8!

Marbles- $1 each
Dragonair, Krabby, Paras

Ninetails Dog Tag-$7

Coins-$1 each

Small Stickers- $0.50 each

Stickers- $1 each

Digimon Sales
Anime/other sales

Most Information regarding plush commissions can be found here

Please send me a PM if you want a quote or have any questions!

  • OPEN

  • OPEN

  • OPEN

  • OPEN

  • OPEN

Tsum Tsum Plush Commissions
Tsum Tsum styled plush commissions are open as well, with base prices starting at $30 + cost of materials. The base price may increase depensing on the complexity of the design!

$4 Sticker Commissions
I am also accepting sticker commissions! It is $4 per character, and for an extra $1, I will print out your sticker(s) on a sheet of glossy sticker paper and send them directly to you! I will print out as many as I can fit on a page :D If you want multiple sheets, just add $1 per sheet of sticker paper!
If you do not live in the US, it is $2 to ship!

Whew! Thank you so much for looking! I hope I didn't mess up too badly!
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