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October Customs 2: Fabric Holiday Ornaments & More!

I experimented with embroidery machine applique and made some quilt-esque holiday ornaments! The below examples are for direct sale but I'm also offering custom commissions due to be completed just in time for the holidays.

  • Paypal only!

  • I ship from the USA

  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom orders to process. I usually complete orders in less time, however I prioritize my Etsy orders and delays such as emergencies and supply orders may occur.
  • Prices include handling fees but do not include the cost of shipping (postage + packaging materials). Shipping prices are individually listed below each item.

  • I will combine shipment with multiple items.

  • I will accept split payments for totals of $50 or more for a 50 cent convenience fee to cover extra fees. I will not begin an order until paid in full.
  • Serious buyers only. Please do not inquire if you know that you can't pay for a purchase. Shipping prices are listed below each item to help determine the total cost.

  • Anybody who commits to a purchase and backs out will be left neutral feedback and banned from my future sales and auctions.

  • I will not change an order once paid for with the exception of adding additional items, which will incur a $1 convenience fee to account for extra fees and time spent keeping the order organized.
  • All pkmncollectors community buying & selling guidelines apply.

  • I live in a smoke-free, pet friendly home (with a cat and dog, and I interact with chickens), but I keep animals separated from my items and I give plush a run-over with a lint roller.

  • Optional shipping insurance is available for USA residents starting at $2.50 and Registered Mail is available to residents outside of the USA at $14.50.

  • For security reasons, I won't send patches or ornaments through letter mail. Sorry! (Paypal will get mad at me if a package gets lost and there's no tracking/shipping confirmation!)

  • Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the community.
    Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/flag/

    These ornaments are approximately 3.75 x 3.75 in / 9.5 x 9.5 cm and are made of cotton fabric embroidered onto a felt base and bonded to stiff felt for sturdiness. Of course they also have a loop of ribbon for easy display! The kids figure is shown for size comparison.

    I'm selling Snowflake Glaceon for $18 and Holly Leafeon for $15 (the discount being a result of slight imperfections: visible placement stitches and having to redo the outline). Shipping will be $2.50 to the USA or $7.00 to everywhere else with no extra transaction fees.

    Commissions are $20 for a one of a kind piece, which includes:
    • Unique art
    • Up to three fabric prints (1 for the background + 1 or 2 for the character)
    • Choice of embroidery outline colors for the character and the outer border
    • Choice of ribbon (currently red, white, orange w/ black dots, or transparent shimmery light blue)
    • Choice of black or white stiff felt backing

    Additional copies of the ornament using the same artwork can be ordered for $15 each and can even utilize different colors (such as shiny/non-shiny) but can only be ordered by the original purchaser.

    Because time spent on the artwork itself is included in the original price, I can offer discounts if the artwork is provided to me. (but only if the artwork is yours!) If you offer me a sketch that I can trace over, I'll take off $3 for a price of $17, or if you can offer me artwork that I can directly convert into an embroidery file then I'll take off $5 for a price of $15! Complete artwork must be simplistic (and/or a portrait) with clean, thick line art, no shading, a solid color background, and at least 500x500 in size (so my program can pick up the details). An example is the drawing I used for Glaceon.

    Unfortunately I can't render tiny/fine details in fabric so eyes, markings, and other small areas will be embroidered. I will only make one character per ornament and I prefer to not make human characters.

    If you prefer to simply have a patch instead of an ornament, I can take $2 off and offer the option of adding an iron on adhesive backing or no backing with an edge for machine stitching.

    The fabrics I use include a variety of prints. I generally prefer to use what I have on hand in my personal stash, but if there's a particular print you're interested in (such as plaid, chevron, etc) then I can make my best effort to find them in a local fabric store. Alternatively if there's a print you absolutely dislike, I can avoid using or buying that particular print.

    The fabrics below are high contrast or special prints that I have on hand that are best suited for backgrounds but some can also be used on the character itself with little clash (the first three on the top row have glitter while the top right two have metallic ink.)

    Fabrics used for the character itself will mostly be low contrast prints unless requested otherwise.

    These ornaments may take up to 3-4 weeks to process depending on the queue but I hope to finish much sooner!

    Shuffle Patches

    Additionally, I'm offering up a round of Shuffle sprite patches! These patches are currently buy 5, get one free in this post only! This offer expires when I make a customs post next month.

    These are embroidered patches based on Pokemon Shuffle sprites. Measurements vary based on the general shape of the sprite, though often have a maximum dimension of 3-3.25 inches (often averaging 3 x 2.75 inches / 7.5 x 7 cm).

    They can either be a Sew On style with a black or white felt border or an Iron On style with an adhesive backing and cut almost to the edge of the shape. I can make unlimited amounts of any Pokemon that has a Trozei or Shuffle sprite and can make them any color (including shinies and custom colors), though because I have to manually make vectors of each of the designs, processing time may take two weeks. Additionally, I can now offer to bond them to stiff felt with a ribbon for easy display for an additional $2 per patch.

    Trozei Patches are $7 each. Shipping will be $2.50 to the USA or $7.00 to everywhere else.

    MissingNo Plushies

    Available on Etsy, though also orderable here! The amount I have in stock on Etsy is the only amount I can make and fulfill just in time for the holidays. They're made of printed minky and are super soft!
    6 inch size
    12 inch size

    Currently taking 10 slots for ornaments and unlimited slots for Shuffle patches! I will, of course, combine shipping on anything in this post (shipping stays the same for any amount of patches/ornaments). Slots are granted as soon as they're paid for, and if you would like to keep an order a secret then I'm willing to discuss specific details via PM. :D

    Ornament Slots:
    1. mizunosakura - Mega Audino
    2. stalkingsuicune - Suicune

    1. mixie94 - Porygon, Porygon2, Porygon-Z, Venomoth, Diggersby, & Stantler Shuffle Sew On
    2. lotad - Shiny Bellossom w/ stiff felt backing & white ribbon
    3. solishark - Shiny Venusar Sew On
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