neutralemotions (neutralemotions) wrote in pkmncollectors,

find, get, and sales~

Haven't seen anybody post about these, but while I was at Meijer the other day I noticed these in the aisle with the pokemon toys:

the back of the box shows one with pumpkaboo too! glad to see this new packaging in stores other than toysrus now, hopefully we get more variety of the new larger tomys too.

I also got a super cute bulbasaur beanie from follylolly on storenvy this past week

I havent realized how few custom plush I have of the saur line! I might get the shiny version too eventually!

this saturday is my last shipping day for the month, so feel free to check out my sales~

Btw, anybody else here planning to go to Youmacon next week? It'd be rad to meet up with some fellow collectors :D
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