Nhyra (nhyra) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hunting Holo Kitsunes + TOKIYA Cards

Hey again community - I've been jumping around through TCG sales for the past few days, looking to see if anyone has this little pretty:

I'm specifically looking for the "shattered" background holographic version! I keep running into reverse holos but I know there's a regular holo out there somewhere.

I collect cards by the artist TOKIYA - they're pretty easy to identify since he signs his name in allcaps (plus his art style is pretty distinct). I search for them casually on and off, and prefer holo versions, but if you have some lying around feel free to let me know!

This is my second searching post in a row so I promise the next will be a proper collection update, hehe. Albeit small! I guess I'll call this my "travel colelction" since my larger stuff is boxed up.

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