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Septober gets + Pink/Fairy family

Hey, I don't know if it's because I was too busy or too lazy lol, but I haven't posted for almost two months. So I have a bunch of stuff to show you o/

But first I hope you like Pink because I decided to gather all my Fairy/Pink plushies :3

It's funny to see that Ditto is sometimes pink and sometimes purple ^^

And now let's see some of my gets

Hyper size Moncollé Mega Rayquaza

He is happy to meet his little bros :)

I finally found the Charizard Amiibo

In fact Amiibo are getting so rare that I hadn't even try to seek it. But I saw it by chance while I was looking for something else (that I didn't find haha) so I couldn't miss this opportunity. He is really awesome!

Then we have some plushies and more

I love this Bibarel :3 Every time I realize that Banpresto has made very nice Gen4 plushies.
Latias is pretty and very soft for a Tomy plush. Unfortunately Latios was out of stock :/
Can you guess what is in the white box ?

Yes these are the Shiny Unova Starters Lottery Kids. Very cool :)

And now the King of Cool, Magikarp %)

I really wanted this lottery tenugui because the design is amazing! So I'm glad I won this auction lot with nice extras :)

Some interesting little stuff

I don't really collect TCG but I have some cards and I like to protect them with nice sleeves. And these Wailord & cie definitely are :)
I also got this beautiful Nobunaga's Ambition binder for the few postcards I own ^^
And I'm glad to have found this nice Pikachu Beams Jumbo even if my aim is still Mewtwo *o*

And let's end with plushieeeees !!!

This Investigation set is awesome <3
Growlithe is perfect and I really appreciate Herdier :3

Dragons !!! They are all beautiful but I think Gible is my favorite, he is stunning! (but Dratini is very cute too ^^)
And I got my third Eeveelution Canvas :) Little by little I complete the set haha

Are you ready for cuteness ?

OMG! This plush is so soft and cute !!! Oshawott is my favorite Unova Starter but this Tepig is definitely the best of three plushies (and luckily it's also the cheapest ^^)
The pose and the face, how not to succumb ? :3
He's ridden by a little 2001 Aipom with an epic face %)

And of course I received some Pikachus ^o^

Probably one of my favorite Pika Monthly <3
Chikorita was is my wishlist but I decided to purchase it now because most of the Secret Base Pokédolls seem sold out :O I'm a bit scared :s

Mont Fuji looks like a cake *hungry* ^^

The Pokémon Carnival plushies are really original and detailed, I love them :3

As you can see I bought a lot of TCG boxes because I collect Jumbo cards. Krookodile and Latios are FR while the Shiny Megas are US. I wanted the Mega Rayquaza because in France we have the box with another Jumbo (the Promo in Jumbo size).

For Mega Metagross it's a bit different because I ordered it before we knew that we would also get the box in France xDD (in fact we're getting about 10 TCG boxes for Christmas here: it's really nice but definitely too much in one month). But I don't regret because the French box has no extra such as the playmat which is very beautiful.

Besides I made some video

It's in French so I don't know if it's interesting for you. But on the other hand language doesn't really matter for openings I think.

EDIT: If you are interested I have some US Online codes

1 for $1, 4 for $3, 8 for $5, 12 for $7
(the two green on the right are $1 anyway because they are Mega Metagross and Rayquaza boxes codes)

Thank you for reading :3
I hope it was not too long ^^

Tags: aipom, bibarel, charizard, chikorita, growlithe, herdier, latias, latios, mew, mewtwo, pikachu, rayquaza, tcg, tepig

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