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eBay Sales || Questions

Hey guys,

I've added several items up on eBay such as those in the picture below, but with more as well. These include items I have sold here in the past, but also items that I'm selling for the first time.
I am adding more items gradually so if you follow me, you'll be one of the first to know of my newest listings :D I'll be putting up a few lots over the next few days.

Sales permission - entirelycliched - April 2013
Feedback link:

Please click the image below to see my listings.

So my first question is about toploaders. Which size is best to use for Pokedoll tags (both the red pennant shape and the star shapes) and where would be the cheapest place to buy them from? I would prefer to buy these domestically in Australia, but if they don't have those sizes here, then I'll get them overseas.

My other questions are just for fun really:

  1. What was your first piece of merchandise when you started collecting?

  2. Did you decide later on to change the focus of your collection? If so, why?

  3. If your city was about to face a major disaster (earthquake, tsunami, etc), how would you try to save your collection? If you could only save one piece of merch, which would it be?

  4. Which was your favourite year of collecting?

  5. Have you completed your collection? Or any subset of your collection?

  6. Do you have any side collections?

  7. Did you learn anything important during your time collecting?

  8. Was there anyone that inspired you to collect the things that you collect?

  9. Do you collect anything else besides Pokemon merch?

My answers:

  1. Darkrai Pokedoll, Shiny Snivy plush, Shiny Oshawott plush, Shiny Pikachu plush, Victini canvas plush, and my Shiny Collection cards. Bought them all from Brian (Pokevault) for the first time.

  2. I tried to collect lottery items because I loved the idea of shiny Oshawott and Snivy plushies being lottery-only items. What I eventually found though was that there were HEAPS of lottery items. I didn't know that they had Ichiban Kuji or anything like that until joining here. So I decided to go with Pokedolls and anything similar instead since I really loved that Darkrai :P

  3. I probably won't be able to get all the boxes I need so I can only save the ones I really want to keep, mainly my giant Tyranitar, shiny beast trio Pokedolls, shiny Unova starter plushies, DX Mew/Snorlax/Wailord/Phanpy/Hoenn starters, my complete PlushPlush collection, and as many Pokedolls that I can take :P

  4. That's a tough one... maybe this year? So many rare additions to my collection.

  5. I don't have plans on completing the Pokedoll set so sorry to disappoint anyone that was expecting that. I have recently completed my PlushPlush set though! Such an awesome feeling!

  6. I collect Johto and Pokedoll charms on the side. I also have some cards, but not really collecting that.

  7. I learned more about the value of money, and how it's not easy to get that money back when you really need it, so I need to be more strict with my spending. I also learned that you can find people who love Pokemon all over the world! That makes it so much easier to befriend with others overseas.

  8. eevee_trainer/dark_tyranitar's collection was a huge inspiration, and they also had a great attitude to collecting that influenced me as well.

  9. Dragon Ball Z cels. Slowly picking up Disney and Dreamworks character keys as well. Might try buying a cel from Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin or Lion King one day too. I bought some nendoroids as well.

Hope you enjoy!
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