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♥ Gets & Wants ♥

Hello there  ♥

How are you all ?
Last 2 weeks, some awesome gets came in!

This one has been on my want list for such a long time, and randomly it appeared on ebay! Of course I didn't doubt a second and I just bought it!

This one I got today by absol , thanks!! Love em :D

These little forks weren't on my want list, but when I saw them I thought I needed it xD!! So thanks hantsukihaunter for quick sending! :D love 'em!

This clear file has a little Zigzagoon! (Look closly at the tail of Kyogre!) Of course I needed it :3 thank you poliwhirl, love it!

The sticker with the same ORAS print did I get by kyogres thank you!! :3 Also for all the help, with the art book as well!

And this Zigzagoon VS Treecko card came in as well, bought from agui_chan, thanks a lot! :3 Can't wait for the other items that are still coming! (Pictures following later!)

Also, I am just putting my want list here again ! Maybe someone looks at it and have something for me? Hope so!!
Click HERE to see my want list.Or just see below my wants:


1. Tomy truck toy (has zigzagoon on it)
2. Japanese mega bean
3.  Decochara Seal Holder
4. Kid Clear figure (already have normal one)
5. AG Data Carrier Plastic Battle Card
6. Hoenn puzzle
7. Suction cup figure
8. Spinning cap figure
9. Tin Butter Cookies
10. Mighty bean

1. Bronze, silver, gold Japanese coins
2. Binx rubber pog
3. Velcro pog pickers
4. Japanese pog
5. XY pog
6. WAPS (already have pink one!)
7. Clear file normal types
8. XY size comperison page
9. (same as nr 1)

1. Mirror Amada stickers
2. Japanese sticker
3. RSE sticker sheet
4. Little sticker (name spelled wrong)
5. Amada stickers Green / Red
6. Tiny sticker
7. Ultimate sticker
8. Dex kid stickers
9. Stamps
10. XY Pooffy sticker sheet
11. Temporary tattoo
13. Japanese kid card
14. Little Japanese Zigzagoon square
15. Italian lamincard
16. Zigzagoon VS Treecko, Pichu & Skitty)
17. XY Episode bromide
18. Lenticular Flixpix card

Other wants:

Pokemon Center clear file 2003 (with zig!)

Pokemon Center (sticker sheet??) with zig!!

Zigzagoon Clear Kid Attack

OMG!! Never thought there would be Pokemon Tissues with Ziggy!!! I NEED THEM

Korean Zigzagoon cards

Zigzagoon Kid Figure box

Zigzagoon VS Jigglypuff card

Zigzagoon Banpresto 2003 plush GRAIL!

(Only Zig) dex sticker?? :D

OMG!! I didn't even know there was Pokemon tape from Hoenn! I would love this, especially because Zigzagoon is on it!

Yeah I know lots and lots of wants! Who helps me guys :3?
Have a nice weekend!!
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